In The World But Not of The World

Facing the implications of our changing world (loss of food, energy and water sources) can be frightening for many people, understandably.

A great truth that has been affirmed by religious traditions down the ages is that people have an aspect of their being that transcends physical existence; this usually being called the soul or a similar term.

God’s New Message for the world reaffirms this ancient truth and gives it new meaning and clarification:

“You are here to serve a greater purpose, beyond mere survival and the gratification of the things you may think you want. This is true because you have a spiritual nature. You have a spiritual origin and a spiritual destiny. Your failure in this life is the failure to respond to your spiritual nature, which has been distorted and maligned by the religions of your world, which has been neglected and denied by the science of your world. You have a spiritual nature. You have a greater purpose to serve. When you trust your inclination for this purpose, you will be able to come closer to it. When you feel confident that it represents a genuine source of love, then you will begin to open yourself to it, and this will be a great homecoming for you.”

(Quote taken from this page here.)

So humanity has an origin and destiny that is not of this world; we are “in the world but not of the world” you might say. This doesn’t mean that this reality doesn’t matter, however. The greater aspect of ourselves chose to come here to experience separation from our Source and it is here on a mission.

For people who are in the world/coming into the world at this time, this mission will be related to the changes the world will now undergo due to human abuse and overuse of the environment. The conditions of our changing world are a calling and many now must respond.

May our state of being in the world but not of the world serve to be a source of strength and encouragement for those who can respond.

We each came to the world from our Ancient Home to contribute something here.

We each came to the world from our Ancient Home to contribute something here.

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