Women Leaders

Women leaders will become more common in the future.

Historically, most individuals in positions of leadership have been male. This trend has had the unfortunate effect of holding the human race back, stunting our development.

Yet the winds of change are blowing. Already, in the past century, the ascent of women leaders into politics and religion has become a growing trend. This trend is set to continue and must continue if humanity is to prosper in the future.

Women leaders must assume roles in politics and religion if humanity is to prosper into the future.

Women leaders must emerge in politics and religion, if humanity is to prosper into the future.

Women Leaders are Needed

Here are some passages from God’s New Message regarding women leaders:

“We are entering the Age of Women. Accept this. Embrace this. Consider it. The New Message from God will teach you the great meaning of this and why it is so important for humanity at this point in its evolution…The confusion about male and female roles, the masculine and the feminine, has led to a great retardation in human development and great abuse of people throughout the ages in many cultures. To limit women to child raising and domestic duties and minimal employment opportunities is a great mistake, and wherever that exists in any culture, that culture will suffer as a result.”

The New Message from God reminds us of the importance of women taking greater roles and responsibilities within our society, especially in the spiritual area. Even though just having women leaders will not transform the world overnight, the opportunities to maintain religion and the spirit of religion in all traditions would be enhanced.

femalemonk“Many of the great leaders in the future for humanity will have to be women. It is their destiny. It is what they must do. If this is denied, then humanity will not progress. It will remain captive to history, to tradition, to conflict and war. Being providers and maintainers, women are more given to establishing peace and cooperation. In a traditional sense, they have to make families work, they have to hold families together, they have to take care of people directly, intimately. Do you see the advantages here? Within the realm of religion and spirituality, this is where the great skills come forth…We are entering the Age of Women. Accept this. Embrace this. Consider it.”

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