Save the World

Much must be done to save the world and preserve our natural resources.

An article from the department of Biology of Stanford University highlights this vital mission:

”Humankind finds itself engaged in what Prince Charles described as ‘an act of suicide on a grand scale’, facing… a ‘perfect storm’ of environmental problems.”

we must save the world”The human predicament is driven by overpopulation, overconsumption of natural resources and the use of unnecessarily environmentally damaging technologies and socio-economic-political arrangements to service Homo sapiens’ aggregate consumption”

The article warns that if we fail to respond appropriately to save the world, we put our civilization at risk of global collapse.

To Save the World We Need Knowledge


The New Message from God speaks of this need to save our world.  It calls us to face our responsibilities regarding the consequences of humanity’s abuses of the world’s resources.

In order to do so, we must take the Steps to Knowledge to learn to be guided by Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within us.

This revelation of over 9000 pages, gives guideline as to how we can save the world.

Here are a few of the many Mandates to Save the World:

  • “Half the world’s forests should be preserved. Fuel should be rationed. It should have been rationed twenty years ago.

  • You will have to control human population growth and human consumption if you are ever able to attain stability and security.” [6]

  • “You must pay attention to changing climate and violent weather.” [4]

  • “Now you must prove that you are good stewards of the world. Now you must unite for the survival of humanity and for the well-being of humanity. Now your nations must cooperate to make sure that everyone has the basic provisions. Now the wealthy must realize their responsibility to take care of other people.” [5]

  • “It is your responsibility to learn of the natural world and to use it effectively, in a manner that can be sustained.” [6]

  • “All of humanity’s armaments and all of its technological skill will have to be employed now to protect the world from the outside and to restore the world’s productivity and biological balance here in the world.” [3]

  • “There will be great human migration all over the world. Some of it will be normal, but most of it will have to be organized and agreed to between nations. If nations close their doors to the displaced peoples, it will be a tragedy never seen before. And this tragedy will despoil the world in war and conflict.” [8]

  • “You are preparing for the Greater Community… If nations understood these things… The taking of people against their will would be revealed and the Intervention would be exposed. It is relying upon human submission and human ignorance. If it is exposed it must withdraw.” [2]

  • “You must learn who is flying in your skies, who is taking your people against their will, this cannot be a deep dark secret now, it must come out into the open so that people can see it and understand it clearly. For as we have said it is not a mystery, it is a concealed truth, concealed by many forces.” [2]

  • “You would see that to prepare for the Greater Community, war would have to be stopped, people would have to be educated and nations would have to come together to establish plans for mutual benefit and security. The eyes of the world would have to turn outward to watch, to report, to be discerning, to take great care as to who is here and what they are doing. This could no longer be the focus of some secret government group, elite group of scientists or some religious affiliation that has taken an interest in these matters. Everyone should be watching, listening and learning.” [1]

The revelation tells us that to save our world depends on our ability to take action based on what we know, even though we have no certainty, since it is the action itself that will create certainty.

Our changing world will be different, harder but the New Message from God  tells us that a united humanity can survive, save the world and build a better future.

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