Peak Oil

Diminishing resources are set to become some of the defining features of our changing world. One such resource is oil, a resource that modern civilisation relies upon a great deal.

According to a former BP geologist, we are already past the glory days of high oil production, with a return to such being unlikely:

“We need new production equal to a new Saudi Arabia every 3 to 4 years to maintain and grow supply… New discoveries have not matched consumption since 1986. We are drawing down on our reserves, even though reserves are apparently climbing every year. Reserves are growing due to better technology in old fields, raising the amount we can recover – but production is still falling at 4.1% p.a. [per annum].”

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Peak oil production is a sign and a precursor of what humanity will have to face in the future: the challenge of living within the boundaries of the world's diminishing resources.

Peak oil production is a sign and a precursor of what humanity will have to face in the future: the challenge and necessity of living within the boundaries of the world’s diminishing resources.

The Great Waves of Change, which is a book of prophecy regarding the changes that are occurring in the world today, has this to say on the matter:

“Without sufficient petroleum, how will you run your cars, your farm machinery, your transportation system and your government? Many people have faith that there is unlimited petroleum in the world. It is a faith. It is a hope. It is a wish. It is an expectation. But they have no certainty. They have never studied the problem. They do not realise that humanity will be facing declining resources. They have faith that all of these resources are there. You just spend more money, and the resources are there. You spend more money, you get more resources – endless resources. It is never a problem really.

That is a foolish faith. If one looks at the history of humanity’s existence, it is a foolish faith. It is a fantasy. Yet many people live in this fantasy, base their lives on this fantasy, never question this fantasy and have absolute faith in this fantasy. Government leaders and leaders of commerce have absolute faith in this fantasy.

Given this, it is now time for people to ask serious questions about their lives and how they live. How many people really need a car or a motorbike in order to get around – like really need them, as an absolute necessity? In light of the changing world, this and many such questions must be asked now, while there is still time to consider such things.

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