Namibia hit by drought

The BBC reports:

“On a farm so parched that it looks like a desert, Monica Amaraki reaches for an old brass tap only to find that no water flows from it.

Here in Namibia in southern Africa, a drought is intensifying, the soil has been turned into dust and animals are scouring the baked land for something to eat.

Monica’s village, Omagongati, is in the far north of the country, a region notorious for extremes of weather, but she says that the dry spell hitting her now has been longer and more severe than normal.


Over the past two years, the weak or absent rains have left Monica among at least 500,000 people needing emergency food aid – and many here are wondering whether climate change will bring an even hotter and drier future.


A report by the government of Namibia, published in 2011, says the country has seen higher temperatures over the past 40 years with more days recorded over 35C.

And it also highlights with a “high degree of certainty” that warming will continue, so that by mid-century it will be up to 3.5C hotter in the summer and up to 4C in the winter.”

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