Let’s Remind Ourselves That We Are The Most Destructive Species On Earth

Source: CounterCurrents.org

There is no wisdom in man killing what sustains man … and with it, humankind!

The backlash will not be nature fighting back! But, of nature as we know it, dying out!

Homo Sapiens… Wise Men. Not at all!? Our wisdom is highly disputable. Dinosaurs were considered unintelligent, due to the small size of their brain compared to their body size. They existed for 135 million years. They didn’t kill themselves. But, man is destroying mankind.

Our planet is not in danger. Humans are in danger. From ourselves. Humankind is on the road to extinguish ourselves. Sooner rather than later. The future for all of us is bleak. The planet will continue as it has for the 99% of the time before man, it will adjust and continue. Perhaps with other life forms, other vegetation, other landscapes.

This, and much more, has been foreseen in the prophecy of the Great Waves of Change:

You are still engaged in tribal, sectarian warfare, in competition and conflict, rapidly destroying the world’s resources in doing so. Your self-sufficiency is being lost with every passing day as you squander and diminish your natural inheritance here in the world—diminishing your most vital and fundamental resources, driving the world towards the Great Waves of change.

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