Islamic State fighters take on Libya’s rival government forces

Reuters reports on the current situation in the ongoing conflict in Libya:

Militants claiming allegiance to Islamic State fought forces loyal to Libya’s two rival governments in the central city of Sirte and further east in Benghazi, state media and military officials said on Wednesday.

In Sirte, Islamic State militants killed five members of a force loyal to the government that controls Tripoli, a Tripoli-based news agency said. The United Nations and military sources said the attack near a power station on Sirte’s outskirts was a suicide bombing.

Fighters loyal to the Tripoli government, sent to Sirte from the western city of Misrata, have clashed with the militants and had set up checkpoints near the power station.

There was also heavy fighting between Islamists and forces loyal to Libya’s internationally recognised government, which is based in the east in Benghazi, after Islamic State militants claimed a suicide attack on an army post in the city.

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