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Secrets of Heaven - Help from Beyond

A new book “Secrets of Heaven” hints at help from beyond for our changing world.

We are facing many problems on Earth. If you can see that there are countless worlds in the universe, with countless races, you can also see that our problems are not unique.

Many other changing worlds have gone through the same growing pains we are experiencing on Earth. The problems of exploding population, resource depletion, rapid species extinctions and endless wars are well known for a civilization at our stage of development.

And wouldn’t you know it: there are beings who have solved these problems, too. We have to fix these problems ourselves — no one is going to do it for us. But there is help from beyond.

A new book by Marshall Vian Summers, “Secrets of Heaven – Mystery Teachings of the Angels” briefly touches on this subtle help from beyond that is available if we can still the mind:

“We know how to resolve the difficulties that the world faces because we have resolved them for ourselves.” – secret 48 fromSecrets of Heaven

It’s good to know that we are not in a predicament – all is not lost. Other races have successfully crossed the chasm and made the transition to a sustained, united world that is able to negotiate a non-human universe.

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  1. An Amazing Read! Lots of profound insights in this book.

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