Heatwaves in northern hemisphere becoming more frequent, says WMO

RTCC.org reports on the World Meteorological Organisation’s observation of an increase in the frequency of heatwaves in the northern hemisphere:

“Record breaking temperatures, heatwaves, drought – all part of a usual Northern Hemisphere summer? Not so says the World Meteorological Organisation. The blistering heat hitting Europe since June 27 was “severe and unusually early” officials reveal. Wildfires in the US and Canada and intense heat in Southern China add to a curious but potent wave of events this year.

“Climate change scenarios predict that heatwaves will become more intense, more frequent and longer,” says Omar Baddour, who coordinates WMO’s World Climate Data and Monitoring Programme. “It is notable that the time between major heatwaves (2003, 2010, 2015) is getting shorter.”

To read more on the changing world and what you can do to prepare, visit: www.greatwavesofchange.org

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