Global Crisis

The world is facing a global crisis as the world changes.

The melting of the polar regions threatens to raise sea levels, which in turn risks flooding the coastal towns and cities of the world. Climate change threatens global weather patterns, making them more violent and unpredictable.

global crisisGlobal Crisis in Food Production

As the lands dries up, a global crisis begins to emerge in our capacity to produce food. There will be massive food shortages leading to human migrations on a scale never seen before.

These environmental refugees will have to be relocated which will produce another global crisis. Nations will have to open their doors to these people. Failure to do so will result in human tragedy never seen before.

In an interview about significant upheaval related to our warming planet, U.S. Navy Admiral Samuel J. Locklear III admitted that the biggest potential global crisis in the Pacific region is climate change.

This global crisis is currently under way.

The New Message revelation “Race to Save Human Civilization” warns us of violent weather impacting the world’s geologic and biologic systems, creating a high degree of imbalance that will render the relocation of the refugees a much harder thing to do:

”Primary here amongst this is literally how will you feed the peoples of the world when the world loses 30% of its agriculture, which is what you are really facing, you see…The situation will become so severe that even families in the wealthy nations will have to consider taking a family from a poorer nation into their home. How many people will be willing to do this? How bad does it have to get before people’s preferences, prejudices and personal requirements are superceded by a critical need?”

The New Message from God not only provides warnings but a mandate for the world as to what must be done in the face of this impending global crisis. It emphasizes the importance of humanity building its connection to its deeper nature, called Knowledge, in order to face and to navigate the difficult times ahead successfully and to avoid conflict and ruin, or subjugation by extraterrestrial races that are currently using deception to gain access to and control over this world.

Are you feeling the great changes coming from this global crisis? Then, learn how to prepare and protect yourself. Learn how to be a contributor, and not a victim, in this global crisis. Read the Great Waves of Change:

Great Waves Global Crisis

3 Responses to Global Crisis

  1. An Amazing Read! It made so much sense for many things that are going on in the world today. A look at the bigger picture.

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  3. L Wolff says:

    I really appreciate the Recommendations for Living in a Great Waves world that can be printed out from the free ebook. Very thorough in addressing outer and inner preparations for the difficult times ahead.

    “Recognize that you are entering a time of great challenge and change in the world and that this challenge and change will make you strong and will call out of you the greater gifts that you have been sent into the world to give. For you have come into the world on a mission, and the reality of that mission is contained within Knowledge, the deeper intelligence within you, waiting to be discovered. “

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