Flooding in Illinois Leads to Loss of Thousands of Acres of Crops

Wsiltv.com reports on crop loss due to flooding in parts of the US:

“Heavy rains have plagued farmers across the midwest this year, leaving many scrambling to even get crops planted. Some southern Illinois farmers did manage to get all their seed in the ground, only to have their healthy crop completely washed away.

Fields that once contained six foot tall corn stalks, now look like lakes.

“Just because it’s green, doesn’t mean it’s going to live,” said farmer Jason Bosaw. “90 percent of the corn we saw today, it was at least 2 foot deep on it, it will not survive.”

Farmers in the Gallatin County river bottoms will have to mark thousands of acres of once healthy crop down as a total loss. For Bosaw, it’ll make up about 10 percent of all the crops he planted this year.”

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