Europe Facing Crisis of Democracy: Polls in Many States To Trigger Instability

The International Business Times reports on the rising popularity of extreme and non-mainstream political parties in Europe and the effect that this could have on governments there:

Europe will face many political earthquakes in 2015, according to a research conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit for BBC’s Democracy Day.

The study said Europe is facing a “crisis of democracy.” The premise of such a gloomy forecast is the rising strength of right-wing populist parties, which are leveraging the popular discontent over issues such as dominance of Brussels in decision-making, rising unemployment, migration and other economic woes.

The EIU research says some of them may win the elections and many mainstream parties will be on the run and finally enter into previously unthinkable alliances. According to the study, Europe’s “crisis of democracy” is fundamentally a gap between the elites and voters. It noted a gaping hole at the heart of European politics is in the making, where big ideas used to thrive, reported BBC.

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