Ending Wars

If humanity is to survive the Great Waves of Change, we must focus on ending wars.

The risk of conflict in the future will grow as the resources of the world become more scarce. If humanity enters into competition with itself over who will have access to these resources, the world will be despoiled and humanity’s prospects will diminish greatly.

A Great Threshold for Humanity Calls for Ending Wars

We have come to a great threshold, a great turning point in our development. The decisions that humanity makes at this juncture will largely decide the outcome for our race in our changing world.

God’s will is that humanity survives the Great Waves and emerge as a free and self-determined race into a universe filled with intelligent life. War and conflict are never condoned by God and those who would claim to take their nation to war in the name of God do so for self-serving reasons.

Humanity is threatened by great change within the world and an intervention from forces beyond the world. These circumstances, more than anything, call for great human cooperation and ending wars which can only deplete the world and sow the seeds of future conflicts.

Here are some quotes from the New Message on war:

“Do not think if you are a great consumer of energy and resources that you can promote peace in the world, for over-consumption of resources is really the engine of war.”

“If you insist upon an affluent luxurious lifestyle, you will be feeding the engine of war. You will be requiring your government to gain access to resources wherever they can, at whatever cost.”

“Just living simply is a huge contribution to the well-being of humanity. It is the most powerful anti-war statement you can make.”

Ending Wars is a critical need for Humanity at this time.

Ending Wars is a critical need for Humanity at this time.

Ultimately, war will come to an end only when enough people in the world are following the deeper mind that God has placed within each individual.

A new message from God has been sent into the world at this critical time to aid humanity in developing a connection to this deeper mind. This deeper mind, called Knowledge, is incorruptible and cannot be tainted by the world.

Knowledge within the individual holds God’s plan and purpose for that individual. Knowledge in the universe is not in conflict with itself and will never lead individuals and nations into conflict with one another.

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