Our Changing World

Our world is changing.

Living in a changing worldEvery year this is becoming more evident. The climate is changing. Ecosystems are becoming polluted and damaged as nations continue to plunder the world of resources. The world economy is faltering; its future uncertain. All of these events are the signs of things to come, signs of our changing world.

People hope that governments or experts will have a simple solution to the growing problems of the world. But in truth, no one person or group has a simple answer to the problems that are facing humanity.

This is not just our changing world, though. We are entering a new world and the sun is setting on the old world as we knew it.

Our Changing World Has Not Been Forgotten by God

Our changing world needs a new message to get us through these incredible challenges. For this, a New Message from God has been given to the world. It speaks about the changes to come and what the human family must do to prepare. It advocates that humanity strengthen its connection to Knowledge, the deeper mind that God has given to all intelligent life in the universe. This, more than anything else, will be humanity’s saving grace.

drought and floods in a changing world

More drought, more flooding and violent weather in a warmer, wetter climate: this is our changing world.

God has provided a warning, a blessing and a preparation in the form of the new Revelation. It has been sent because humanity is largely unaware of the gravity of the situation that we are facing going forward. The impact that we’ve had upon the world and continue to have will produce change on a scale never seen before in the scope of human history.

The New Message is not here to replace or destroy the religions of the past, but to bring a greater awareness and understanding of what must be done to secure humanity’s future within this world and within a universe full of intelligent life. It’s teachings on the changes which the world is undergoing and the preparations that must be made are part of that greater awareness.

Here is an excerpt from one of its teachings:

“You are entering a new world—a world of environmental change, a world of violent weather, a world that is unpredictable, a world that will be unbalanced, with great political and economic difficulties. Nations will be shaken by revolution, and national economies will fail. It is the outcome of many forces at work that have been at work for some time. The wise can foresee this. For everyone else, it will be a great shock—the shock of the future. Do not look upon this as a great tragedy or something to avoid, neglect or deny, for this has your name upon it. You were sent into the world to serve the world under these conditions.”

Can no longer live in the old world

“You are in a new world, a world unlike the world you are accustomed to, a world with a changing and different climate, a world with diminishing resources, a world of polluted and contaminated rivers and soils—a world where ever growing numbers of people will be drinking from a slowly shrinking well.” – The New Message from God

Yet, if this was not enough, humanity is also being confronted by an Intervention in the world from forces who come from beyond our world. They are here to take advantage of humanity’s weakness, its divided state and its ignorance of life beyond the borders of this world. This is described in The Allies of Humanity briefings.

This is not for the faint hearted, nor is it for those who seek self-gratification or to boost their self-importance. What we are talking about here is the future of Humanity, the future of our sovereignty of our changing world, about our freedom within the world and the future for the way we live our lives as we currently know it. The truth is, humanity has to wake up to what is happening in the world, and quickly at that, for we are now starting to feel the effects of The Great Waves of Change.

“This is a time of great reckoning when humanity will have to either grow up and unite or fail and be overtaken by others. If you do not accept this, if you cannot accept this, if this is too much for you, if you think it is untrue, then you are ignorant and weak. This is the Revelation. Ignore it at your own risk. For even God will not save you if you do not honor and pay heed to God’s warnings.”

– From the book Great Waves of Change Chapter 9: The Great Waves Prophecy.

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