Bulgaria ‘Unable to Receive More Refugees’ – Deputy PM Kalfin

Novinite reports on comments made by Bulgaria’s deputy Prime Minister on the situation facing his country in regards to refugees:

Bulgaria must state very clearly it has no capacity to accept more refugees, the country’s Deputy PM and Social Policy Minister Ivaylo Kalfin has said.

Kalfin told public broadcaster BNT on Monday that Bulgaria should avoid creating “ghettos” populated by unemployed people with no income, since such people “are prone to committing” radical actions.


Bulgaria is under pressure to receive thousands or refugees and bearers of humanitarian status who are currently residing in Europe, but have to return to the country that registered them as asylum seekers. There are also daily attempts at crossing the Turkey-Bulgaria border by people from the Middle East and North Africa fleeing their countries and wishing to Enter the EU, with Bulgaria perceived mostly as a stop on their way to Western Europe.

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